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Welcome to the TopCHRO Leadership Network! We believe the best way to strengthen your personal and professional brand and to network with others is to share what works for you in terms of thinking, experiences, and best practices in problem-solving to help your peers in the industry.

HR professionals and numerous visitors each month peruse our content for the best in ideas, inspiration, and solutions. They are practical, thoughtful professionals who understand the critical role corporations play in the global market, and know the importance of pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.

We put up only the best content on our portal, content that can contribute meaningfully toward the success of top-level organizational HR initiatives, or illuminate the often tough path that leads to great HR leadership. We welcome surprises and innovative ideas that add value to the requirements of our audience.

If you are an experienced writer who has published quality articles on high-level HR topics for CHROs or other members of company leadership, we would be happy to feature your content on our portal.

Our audience:

  • Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs)
  • Other C-level (C-suite) executives
  • HR Directors
  • Top business leaders
  • HR experts
  • Consultants and Educators
  • HR Generalist
  • Executive Search professionals

Do look through our Writer Guidelines to understand the type of content we welcome on the website.

Writer Guidelines: +

Pitch your article to TopCHRO:

If you are interested in contributing to the TopCHRO Global Network and would like to pitch your writeup to us, contact us through email. Highlight how your article is not repeating what everyone else is already saying on the topic at hand.

  • Pitch at least one idea
  • Be specific – the broader the idea, the narrower its acceptance!

If you grab our interest, we will reach out to you!

Please adhere to the guidelines and submit your pitch to:

For any queries, please write us at
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