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  • Abdulaziz Al-Oudan

    Abdulaziz Al-Oudan

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource, SABIC

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  • Aileen Tan

    Aileen Tan

    Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Singapore Telecom

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  • Amy Best

    Amy Best

    Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Exelon

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  • Andreas Neumann

    Andreas Neumann

    Member of the Board of Managing Directors with responsibility for Human Resources, Boehringer Ingelheim

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  • Andrew Dahlkemper

    Andrew Dahlkemper

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Google

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  • Anne Hill

    Anne Hill

    Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Avery Dennison

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  • Anne P. Byerlein

    Anne P. Byerlein

    Chief People Officer, Yum Brands

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  • Anthony Galbato

    Anthony Galbato

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Amazon

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  • Arun Bajaj

    Arun Bajaj

    Senior Vice President - Human Resource Global, Nissan Motor Corporation

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  • Bobbi Silten

    Bobbi Silten

    Executive Vice President, Global Talent and Sustainability, GAP Inc.

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  • Brian Wood

    Brian Wood

    Vice President, Human Resources, Cincinnati Financial Corporation

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  • Calvin Hilton

    Calvin Hilton

    Vice President, Human Resources, Alliance Data

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  • Ceree T. Eberly

    Ceree T. Eberly

    Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company

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  • Charles Bendotti

    Charles Bendotti

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Philip Morris International

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  • Chen Jianzhou

    Chen Jianzhou

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, ZTE Corporation

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  • Claire Thomas

    Claire Thomas

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, GlaxoSmithKline

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  • Daniel T. Smith

    Daniel T. Smith

    Senior Vice President, Organization and Administration, Owens Corning

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  • Darke M Sani

    Darke M Sani

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Axiata Group Berhad

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  • Darrell L. Ford

    Darrell L. Ford

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Xerox

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  • David A. Rodriguez

    David A. Rodriguez

    Executive Vice President & Global Chief Human Resources Officer , Marriot International

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  • Denise Haylor

    Denise Haylor

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Philips

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  • Denise Young Smith

    Denise Young Smith

    Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources, Apple

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  • Dermot J. O’Brien

    Dermot J. O’Brien

    Corporate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, ADP

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  • Diane Gherson

    Diane Gherson

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IBM

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  • Edith Cooper

    Edith Cooper

    Director, Human Resource, Goldman Sachs

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  • Elizabeth B. Amato

    Elizabeth B. Amato

    Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, United Technologies

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  • Ellen Wilson

    Ellen Wilson

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource, UnitedHealth Group

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  • Ellyn Shook

    Ellyn Shook

    Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer, Accenture

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  • Felicia J. Fields

    Felicia J. Fields

    Group Vice President for Human Resources & Corporate Services, The Ford Motor Co.

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  • France M. Gingras

    France M. Gingras

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource, S&P Global

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  • Francine Biddulph

    Francine Biddulph

    Senior Vice President & Head Human Resource, HSBC

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  • Fumihiro Aono

    Fumihiro Aono

    Chief Human Resources Officer, SoftBank Group

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  • Gao Lan

    Gao Lan

    Vice President, Human Resources, Lenovo

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  • Gregory W. Elliott

    Gregory W. Elliott

    Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, Ashland Inc.

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  • Hamidah Naziadin

    Hamidah Naziadin

    Group Chief People Officer, CIMB Group

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  • Heidi B. Capozzi

    Heidi B. Capozzi

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Boeing

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  • Helmut Schuster

    Helmut Schuster

    Executive Vice President, Group Human Resources Director, British Petroleum

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  • Hidenobu Nakahata

    Hidenobu Nakahata

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Hitachi

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  • Jacqueline Principe-Canney

    Jacqueline Principe-Canney

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource, Walmart

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  • Jacqueline R. Williams-Roll

    Jacqueline R. Williams-Roll

    Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, General Mills

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  • James Lennox

    James Lennox

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource & Chief People Officer, Cognizant Technology Solutions

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  • Jay L. Kloosterboer

    Jay L. Kloosterboer

    Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Dover Corporation

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  • Jayne Parker

    Jayne Parker

    Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer , Disney

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  • Jeanne Phillips

    Jeanne Phillips

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Genesis HealthCare

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  • Jennifer Fitzmaurice

    Jennifer Fitzmaurice

    Director, Human Resurce, The Boston Consulting Group

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  • Jerome Tixer

    Jerome Tixer

    Executive Vice-President Human Resources & Advisor to The Chairman, L'Oréal

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  • John M. Steele

    John M. Steele

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, HCA Holdings

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  • John Quattrone

    John Quattrone

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource Global, General Motors

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  • John T. Lucas

    John T. Lucas

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

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  • Jorge L. Figueredo

    Jorge L. Figueredo

    Executive Vice President of Human Resources , McKesson Corporation

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  • Jory A. Berson

    Jory A. Berson

    Chief Human Resources Officer , Capital One

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  • Judy Edge

    Judy Edge

    Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, FedEx

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  • Judy Tong

    Judy Tong

    Chief People Officer,

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  • Karlheinz Blessing

    Karlheinz Blessing

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Volkswagen

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  • Kathleen Hogan

    Kathleen Hogan

    Chief People Officer, Microsoft

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  • Kazushi Ambe

    Kazushi Ambe

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Sony Corporation

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  • Kevin Walling

    Kevin Walling

    Chief Human Resources Officer, The Hershey Company

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  • Kimberly S. Hauer

    Kimberly S. Hauer

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Caterpillar Inc.

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  • Kirstin Furber

    Kirstin Furber

    Human Resource Director, BBC Worldwide

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  • L. Kevin Cox

    L. Kevin Cox

    Chief Human Resource Officer, American Express

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  • Leena Nair

    Leena Nair

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Unilever

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  • Lisa Buckingham

    Lisa Buckingham

    Chief Human Resources Officer , Lincoln National Corporation

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  • Liu Zhengronga

    Liu Zhengronga

    Director - Human Resource, Beiersdorf

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  • Lynn B. Mckee

    Lynn B. Mckee

    Executive Vice President- Human Resource, Aramark

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  • Lynn C. Minella

    Lynn C. Minella

    Group Human Resource Director, BAE Systems

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  • Mara Swan

    Mara Swan

    Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup

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  • Maryann Miller

    Maryann Miller

    Chief Human Resources Officer & Head of Corporate Marketing & Communications , Avnet

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  • Matt Schuyler

    Matt Schuyler

    Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer , Hilton Worldwide

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  • Mayerland Harris

    Mayerland Harris

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, H-E-B

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  • Melissa Howell

    Melissa Howell

    Senior Vice President Global Human Resource, Kellogg Co.

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  • Michael Ellis 

    Michael Ellis 

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, United Airlines

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  • Mitchell Kosh

    Mitchell Kosh

    Senior Vice President Human Resource, Ralph Lauren

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  • Mototsugu Sato

    Mototsugu Sato

    Director, Human Resource, Panasonic

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  • Nancy Altobello

    Nancy Altobello

    Chief Human Resources Officer, E&Y

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  • Narihiko Uemura

    Narihiko Uemura

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Nissin Group

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  • Olivier Blum

    Olivier Blum

    Executive Vice President, Human Resource, Schneider Electric

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  • P D Norman

    P D Norman

    Group Chief Human Resource & Corporate Affairs Officer, MTN Group

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  • Reg Bull

    Reg Bull

    Executive Vice President, Global Human Resource, Doosan

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  • Regis Mulot

    Regis Mulot

    Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, Staples Inc.

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  • Russ Hagey

    Russ Hagey

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Bain & Co.

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  • Sam Ngumeni

    Sam Ngumeni

    Chief Operating Officer: Human Resources and Transformation, Supply Chain, Logistics & IT, Woolworths Holdings Limited

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  • Sara Wade

    Sara Wade

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Express Scripts Holding

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  • Sharon K.G. Dunbar

    Sharon K.G. Dunbar

    Vice President - Human Resource, General Dynamics

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  • Shen, Maggie

    Shen, Maggie

    Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Shangri-La Hotels

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  • Simon Davis

    Simon Davis

    Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Johnson Controls

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  • Sonya Reed

    Sonya Reed

    Senior Vice President - HR, Phillips 66

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  • Stefan Ries

    Stefan Ries

    Chief Human Resources Officer, SAP

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  • Steve Fry

    Steve Fry

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Eli Lilly and Company

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  • Susan P. Peters

    Susan P. Peters

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, General Electric

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  • Susan Schmitt

    Susan Schmitt

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, Rockwell Automation

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  • Tim Crow

    Tim Crow

    Executive Vice President- Human Resource, Home Depot

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  • Tim Huval

    Tim Huval

    Senior Vice President, Chief Human resource Officer, Humana Inc.

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  • Tony Goland

    Tony Goland

    Executive Vice President & global Chief Human Resources Officer, AON Plc

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  • Tracy Keogh

    Tracy Keogh

    Chief Human Resources Officer, HP

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  • Tristram Roberts

    Tristram Roberts

    Group Human Resource Director, Barclays

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  • Tswelo Kodisang

    Tswelo Kodisang

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Tiger Brands

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  • Ulf Hahnemann

    Ulf Hahnemann

    VP Strategic Programs, People & Organization, Mars

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  • Umran Beba

    Umran Beba

    Chief Human Resources Officer, PepsiCo

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  • Wilfried Porth

    Wilfried Porth

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Daimler

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  • William Blase

    William Blase

    Senior Vice President, Human Resource, AT&T

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Lisa Buckingham

Lisa Buckingham

Chief Human Resources Officer , Lincoln National Corporation


Lisa Buckingham is the Executive Vice President and the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Lincoln National Corporation and has been instrumental in the implementation and management of best human resources policies and practices for the company. She oversees the enterprise communications as well as the activities related to the corporate social responsibilities. She has a long experience of over 20 years in the management of human resources.

In the year 2012, Buckingham was named by the Pennsylvania Diversity Council as the Pennsylvania Woman of the Year and by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 Chief Human Resources Officer. She also currently serves as the Eagles Youth Partnership board member and the Lincoln Foundation chair. She is on the HR Policy Association- Board of Directors and a member of the new American Health Policy Institute and Personnel Roundtable.




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